VIVO Clinic Cheshire Reviews

VIVO Clinic in Cheshire

VIVO Clinic Cheshire is home to pioneering Cryolipolysis and Fat Freezing treatments, which offer a clinically proven and affordable alternative to surgery.

Services Offered:

  • Anti-Cellulite
  • Ultrasound Cavitation
  • Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing
  • FemiWand Vaginal Tightening
  • Skin Tightening
  • HIFU Face Lift
  • See website for more

VIVO Clinic Cheshire Reviews. Browse reviews from previous VIVO Clinic Cheshire Customers and submit your own rating and review.

VIVO Clinic Cheshire Reviews

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61 reviews

  1. I came in for the cryo treatment and it’s been several weeks since so I’m happy with the results I’ve already noticed with 2 applicators.

  2. I came in 2 weeks ago for the plasma eye lift treatment and at first I was really nervous because the procedure doesn’t look as nice as the results you receive. I’m so shocked at how fast I received results. I would highly recommend visiting this clinic.

  3. I thought I would drop a review as I received such great service from the team at Vivo and I defiantly will recommend the clinic.

  4. I had come in for a few treatments at Vivo Clinic and every time I come in I am welcomed in so nicely and made to feel really comfortable.
    The clinic never disappoints.

  5. clean clinic

    happy with my treatment at vivo clinic belfast. very professional and hygienic. -excited to see my results

  6. The results from the HIFU treatment I had done are lasting me a good amount of time and I am very pleased.

  7. skin tightening- very pleased

    i had a lot of saggy skin around the neck area, i generally didn’t think there was anything that was non surgical i could do about it, these guys offer non surgical treatments such as HIFU to tighten those areas. – i am so pleased with my final results.

  8. Hifu- none surgical face lift

    Love the hifu treatment, the results are long lasting, its the perfect way to have refreshed, smooth youthful looking skin without surgery.

  9. I had the fat freeze done and it was really good

  10. stomach tightening

    i had the worst bit of stubborn fat on my stomach area, so i had crylipolysis on that area, followed by 2 treatments of radio frequency, i am now training for abs as my skin is so tight and i have no excess fat. so happy

  11. Fat Freeze

    I had the fat freeze treatment and I am loving the outcome and I have recommended it too a few of my friends as they did see a change in my weight some the results started too show.

    The lady who did my treatment was so nice and professional.

  12. cavitation inch loss

    The cavitation treatment is amazing i’ve lost inches off my muffin tops and i’m so pleased

  13. Great Clinic

    I had fat freezing done on my flanks, 8 weeks on and the results are amazing. I have struggled with my love handles for years i wish i would of known about this treatment before. Great clinic, Great results.

  14. Great service

    Had the fat freezing treatment with Julie and I must say that im pleasantly surprised with how everything went. She was really professional and made me feel at ease. Really excited to see my results

  15. Such a good environment and experience.

  16. HIFU

    The atmosphere at the clinic is really relaxing and calming and having my treatment done was very therapeutic.

  17. Good experience

    Julie was such a joy. She made my treatment go so smoothly and before I know it the two hours slipped away. We sat and chatted away whilst I had my fat freeze done. Lovely

  18. cavitation

    I had the cavitation treatment on my stomach and i’m so impressed with the results. I’ve lost a few inches and feel much more confident , thank you so much Vivo

  19. hifu

    hifu full works: good treatment i had to come in for a second treatment as the first treatment didn’t give me much change. seeing some results alot better than before.

  20. fat freezing 🙂

    cool treatment… very happy with this treatment it wasn’t painful at all. just waiting for the results.

  21. teeth whitening!!

    great treatment my teeth are so white its amazing!!

  22. I had the hifu facial and upgraded to the to the full face, neck and decolletage. I have not seen the results yet but i am looking forward to them. The therapist was really lovely I can not remember her name but honestly she was such a lovely lady,very informative.

  23. The fat freeze treatment here is amazing, long as you keep drinking the water and don’t start to mess up your diet the treatment works great.

  24. Lovely therapist, great treatment

    Had the teeth whitening treatment, I am loving the results and my new smile. Lovely therapist, she made me feel so comfortable but remained professional.

  25. Had a lovely experience at vivo and the treatment went well which I am pleased with, saw a few negative reviews but still went ahead with the hifu treatment and I am now in my 9th week and I am seeing great results.

  26. I had the HIFU and I upgraded to the full works and the lady who did my procedure was lovely and informative on how it all worked so I therefore went and upgraded to full works and purchased the serum, the serum I am finding is really refreshing towards my skin, Really happy with how the treatment went.

  27. I had the fat freeze treatment.
    I am glad I went ahead with the treatment after my consultation as it was exactly what I was looking for and I am slowly starting to see results of the treatment and I am pleased.

  28. Teeth Whitening

    The teeth whitening service at this clinic is brilliant.

    I like to keep my teeth to a particular standard so after my first time at the clinic my teeth were whiter but I also attended twice after just to keep have a top up.

    I go nowhere else except for this clinic as they do it well and is the only place that i trust.

  29. I had the fat freeze and at first I was a little nervous as I had spend a lot of money on something I had not seen results for however as I started to worry, I started seeing results and changes within my body and now I am really pleased with it all.

  30. fatfreeze

    great results!

  31. hifu

    second treatment of hifu as i needed another one. im now seeing great improvements im so happy with the results.

  32. hifu

    had hifu 6 weeks ago now its a great treatment and the serum is an amazing product.

  33. Amazing treatment and would definitely recommend. I had HIFU done in cheshire around my eyes and saw results after only 6 weeks! (It’s meant to take 8 weeks minimum) When I look at my before pictures I seem like a complete different person.

  34. Pleasantly surprised by my results from the fat freeze on my love handles. Massive improvement. Happy customer.

    Hi,I had hifu treatment 4 months ago at Cheshire clinic,I had the full works,and unfortunately it hasn’t worked not even a little bit,I emailed the clinic explaining my concerns which they told me that it is stated on. Their website that in some people it doesn’t work atall if I knew this before treatment I wouldn’t have bothered.So basically whoever goes for this treatment it is not guaranteed to work which an advisor from the clinic informed me by email,,,SO LADIES WHEN LOOKING AT THE PRICES NOTE TO DOUBLE THE PRICE BECAUSE IF FIRST TREATMENT DOESNT WORK THEY OFFER YOU INAT A SLIGHTLY DISCOUNTED RATE,,,,also note you have to wait 4 months to see if this actually as any affect,,,,,I’ve waited 4 month and sent the clinic before and after pictures and in email they are admitting it Did not work

  36. Treatment with a lovely lady at this clinic 5 months ago and then a second fat freeze 2 moths ago. I waited so long to do a review to make sure I had achieved maximum results. I was previously a size 14 and have been trying to lose weight, however I had a stubborn fat layer on my stomach that I couldn’t get rid of. I have been exercising and eating healthily and now am a size 8 and the stubborn fat has all gone. I’m very happy with my results and very proud of myself.


    Had the fat freeze treatment due to not being happy with my flanks and it has now been about 7 weeks from my treatment and I can see changes which I am very happy with and will come back for more sessions on other areas.

  38. hifu

    had the full works. the treatment was painless i am very pleased. the treatment room was very clean and the therapist was well presented.
    just waiting results very hopeful.

  39. Service and treatment

    The service was very professional and the consultants were lovely. I was told about the follow up treatments i can have done after i have the Fat freezing procedure which i found very helpful to help me get the best results i can possibly achieve.
    i also purchased a cream that will help with my swelling and bruising which i purchased, it has only been a week but the cream has definitely been helping.
    I can not wait to see the results.

  40. had fat frozen on my stomach, i went in for two sessions and the stubborn fat has completely disappeared. i also went into the birmingham clinic and has a skin tightening procedure which tightened the loose skin. very happy with the results and feel a lot more confident.

  41. HIFU

    Had the HIFU and I am very happy with how the results are looking.
    Happy with the service and ow nice the staff we’re on welcoming me in.

  42. all the staff were lovely and the clinic was very clean and hygienic.

  43. fantastic service, staff were all very helpful. thank you.

  44. i had fat freezing done on my inner thighs and stomach, i had my consultation and treatment on the same day. it has been 10 weeks and the fat in those areas have disappeared. I have a tiny bit left which i may go back in for a top up but overall i am very happy with the treatment. I now feel i am ready for my holiday and feel more confident.
    Thank you vivo

  45. Cant fault the treatment and therapist was lovely


    fat freeze honestly gave me the boost to once again start wearing jeans again, i had such horrible experience after pregnancy seeing as the last bit of fat would not budge and the fat freeze come in such good use and got rid of that after about 7 weeks.

  47. teeth whitening

    i had my teeth whitened due to not being happy with them and not being able to smile in my pictures so after the treatment i am a lot more confident and able to smile away in pictures. so happy with the treatment and will go back if needed too.

  48. i had the vivo transformation to held get rid of stomach fat. The consultant over the phone went through a consultation with me and answered all my queries. So far it has been 3 weeks and the aftercare cream has really helped with the swelling, I have been going to the gym to work alongside the treatment. I am very excited to see my results and will have a second treatment depending on the results i see.
    The only downfall is that they don’t have any magazines to keep you occupied while waiting to have the treatment done.

  49. Price for the femi wand was hard to say no to! One of the cheapest quotes i received and im very happy with how professional the service was


    The service overall was brilliant!! I had my fat frozen in many different stubborn areas and the cryolipolysis worked wonders after I had undergone the treatment. I kept to what the therapist said to do for results and I started seeing changes very quickly and I was very pleased with it all.

  51. AMAZING !!

    The staff at Cheshire clinic are so lovely and professional, had my best interest at all times and made sure i was comfortable throughout my treatment. I had the vagina tightening done and the results are wonderful and i feel like my lady parts are brand new again, the feeling is amazing. I highly recommend this treatment for every lady who have certain issues with their vagina.

  52. I had the fat freeze on my stomach area at the vivo clinic in cheshire, its been almost 2 months now and I can really feel the difference, im actually fitting into jeans that I’ve not been able to wear for a few years now, definitely worth it.



    I found a deal on groupon for the fat freezing treatment for 2 areas which i thought was a great price, so i purchased it. I rang vivo to book an appointment, the consultant on the phone was very helpful and gave me advise that i need. she explained the treatment to me and gave me a quote on how much it would be on my other areas of concern. I decided to purchase additional areas and also received a complimentary treatment too. I am looking forward to having my treatment done. received great customer service, i am very happy.

  55. I purchased a voucher on groupon for a hifu treatment for £79. When i rang to book my appointment the lady explained the treatment to me and what the voucher will entitle me to. i decided to upgrade to the full works for £350 which i thought was a fantastic deal, considering i would only need to have on treatment every year.
    I had the treatment done a week ago and my skin feels tighter than usual, i cant wait to see the results from my treatment. I was very happy with the service i was given over the phone and in the clinic, the consultants i spoke to were very polite and helpful. would recommend vivo clinic as they have given me the best customer service i have ever received.

  56. Excellent results

    I saw a voucher on groupon for two areas for fat freeze and was impressed with the price so i went ahead and booked. I ended up purchasing an additional 8 areas and got quite a few areas done over the space of three weeks. Its now been three months and i must say i am so happy with the results I’m starting to see especially in my tummy area. The fact that you don’t have to gym or diet is a bonus as im quite busy.

  57. I am very pleased with the results of my non surgical face lift, i had the treatment done 3 months ago and my skin feels more refreshed and tighter. Ive had a few people ask me what i use on my face and recommended the treatment to them. i feel more confident within myself and will be coming back every year to have more treatments.

  58. exceptional prices, exceptional results

    not only were the prices amazing, i got some more discount as i was spending over £1000, ended getting £200 knocked off the price, absolutely love the staff and loving my results from my procedures. (the femi wand, the fat freeze and a few sessions of ultrasound)theyve found a loyal customer. 🙂

  59. I had fat freezing treatment done 9 weeks ago now. The areas i had it done on was the stomach and my bingo wings. I have definitely seen a result and i have booked back in for another session. I have had a baby 12 months ago so i was very insecure about my body, since i have had the treatment i have gained some confidence back and my husband has complimented me. I also had a complimentary ultrasound which tightened the area, i believe this made a difference to the treatment. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to get rid of any fat on the body.

  60. I had a non surgical procedure 2 months ago for a face lift, on the day of the treatment i decided to upgrade to get the full works done. i believe the price was very good and reasonable compared to other clinics. I am very pleased with my results, i decided not to tell any of my family members to see if they noticed a change which they did. i had many compliments from family as well as friends and have recommended the treatment to them. my skin feels tighter and i feel more confident with myself.

  61. I had the femi treatment done two months ago, the service i received was great. the therapist made me feel very comfortable when i was having my treatment done and explained what i will expect during the treatment. i have noticed a change and i am very happy with my results. i would recommend the muscular treatment to everyone.