VIVO Clinic Leamington Spa Reviews

Non-surgical Treatments

Here at  VIVO Clinic, we have a new generation of non-surgical cosmetic procedures that are able to solve problems that once required a scalpel, a surgeon and weeks of recovery time.

At Vivo Clinic we offer non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments  Specialist beauty treatments such as cryolipolysis, Hifu, dermal fillers,  skin rejuvenation and chemical peels, these have been developed to treat wrinkles, acne and sun damaged skin,  Discover the huge variety of treatments available.

VIVO Clinic Leamington Spa Reviews

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63 reviews

  1. Fantastic!

    Excellent from start to finish. Therapist friendly, professional, knowledgeable and proficient. 30-45 minutes, treatment over stomach area, all done. Will see the results after 6 sessions. Looking at their other treatments already. Thankyou. PP

  2. I had a excellent experience at this clinic. The consultant was professional friendly and informative. Also really peased with my results! Will be going back and already booked for another treatment

  3. fat freezing

    The Fat freeze worked really well on my stomach after i came in for y 2nd session thats when i started to see some really good results

  4. hifu

    Great experience, will highly recommend to others 🙂

  5. great experience

    Great experience, really enjoyed the treatment overall 🙂

  6. Amazing!

    My experience with Vivo clinic was fantastic with the staff offering fantastic customer service by being professional,friendly and informative and allowing the process of the procedure to be an easy experience. I would highly recommend this clinic!

  7. I came in for the HIFU lower face lift and I realised it gave my face a natural lift so I decided to have the full works and I’m happy about the results I received.

  8. hifu

    The HIFU treatment got rid of basically all the wrinkles around my eyes so I have already recommended to loads of friends and family as it was genuinely 100% my money.

  9. fat freezing

    the fat freezing was great and really helped with getting rid of the fat around my love handles and stomach so very happy with this clinic altogether so would 100% recommend.

  10. I’ve had the HIFU eye lift and it really defined the rest of the features of my face and I’m so amazed at how it’s helped to combat the dark circles and I’ve been struggling to get rid of them so I’m very happy. Thank you!

  11. I had the HIFU treatment on my jawline and it really has defined the way my face looks now and I’m very pleased!

  12. I’ve had the cryolipolysis treatment and it helped me in losing the arm fat and my back fat and I am very pleased about that. So thank you Vivo!

  13. I’ve had the HIFU facelift treatment and I was really happy with my results so I recommended it to my friend and she’s also pleased with the results she received. So thank you.

  14. The HIFU traditional lift was enough for me to see results in my entire face lifting and feeling the tightening sensation. I am very happy with the results, so thank you Vivo Clinic.

  15. fat freezing treatment

    came in for fat freeze and loved my results, had cryo done on my stomach area, feels amazing, already have seen improvement within a week cant wait for my second treatment


    came in for HIFU loved my result only done one treatment and seen amazing result!

  17. The HIFU treatment is one of the best treatments I’ve had as I felt like I was ageing it just gave my face more of a definition.

  18. Had fat freeze treatment at vivo clinic, very happy with the treatment itself and the results. Will be coming in again for further treatments.

  19. I had the telephone consultation for the fat freezing treatment and I felt really comfortable in continuing to have the actual treatment, it has been a few weeks since I’ve had 2 applicators on my stomach and I’ve been going to the gym and I’ve noticed massive results already! Very pleased!

  20. therapist is amazing

    met sandra the therapist and was blown away by how polite and friendly she is. my treatment was great and have booked in for more.

  21. I came in for the cryolipolysis treatment and I am very happy with the results I have received as it has been a few weeks since I’ve had my second session of the treatment done. Thank you, Vivo Clinic!

  22. Had fat freeze treatment, happy with the overall results. Will be coming in again for further treatments.

  23. I’ve had the cryolipolysis treatment and it was a treatment that has really made a change to my body and I’m glad that I went ahead with this treatment!

  24. Cryo was one of the treatments I had and it was one of the best as it helped me to lose the little bit of fat i had on my stomach area that I was finding difficult to lose whilst being at gym.

  25. Amazing staff and treatment

    Had fat freezing done at leamington spa and the consultant was so amazing and friendly and polite. She made the experience all that more better!

  26. i came in for radiofrequency for double chin reduction and i absoloutley loved it the actual treatement never hurt at all and i seen results within 2 weeks im so happy

  27. I came in for the Femiwand treatment and it was one of the best I had, from noticing very good changes with superficial I thought it would be better for me to upgrade to the muscular!

  28. excellent service went in for brazillian bum life got results in a week amazing price!

  29. hifu

    The hifu treatment was great really do recommend the service

  30. HIFU

    The hifu treatment was great, would definitely recommend

  31. I came in for the vaginal tightening treatment and i first went for the superficial and then I ended up upgrading to the muscular treatment and I feel fresh and new, thank you so much Vivo Clinic!

  32. fatfreeze

    Great service and the staff there was really nice so altogether i’m very happy with my time at Vivo

  33. Friendly staff, very welcoming. Recommend the double chin reduction. Visible results.

  34. Come in for a fat freeze. The results are amazing.

  35. Lovely and friendly staff, made me feel welcomed. recommend to others.

  36. amazing clinic and amazing people

    I had the fat freezing done at this clinic and was very impressed by the clinics cleanliness and the politeness of the staff. Would highly recommend just off the staff and clinic alone.


    I came in too have the fat freeze and I am starting too see great results. I have stuck too the guidelines of what was needed and due too that I am witnessing such good outcomes from it.

  38. hifu

    the HIFU was great not only that but the therapist was really polite and welcoming so I’m very pleased with my experience


    Came in for the femiwand and i can honestly say the results are great! Definitely suggest getting the muscular tightening totally worth it.

  40. I went for the HIFU face lift treatment and it was one of the best, I decided to go for the full face treatment and I feel like I have received softer skin as well as a more youthful look already. Absolutely pleased thanks to Vivo Clinic! 😀

  41. Lovely service, friendly staff. Recommend this clinic, affordable prices.

  42. Had a telephone consultation, was very useful and answered all my questions. Booked myself in for treatment.

  43. Welcoming and friendly staff. Made me feel comfortable when having treatment done. Would recommend fat freeze to others. Happy with the results.

  44. Booked myself in for a consultation, friendly staff.

  45. perfect experience.

    If you are considering getting femi wand then vivo is the clinic for you. They are private and confidential from the get go. They offer a on the phone and face to face consultation. The clinic was beautiful, so clean and hygienic. The therapist was reassuring and made me feel relaxed and comfortable, which is what you want and need for this treatment.
    I am more than pleased with the results.

  46. Had a double chin reduction, happy with the results. Will be coming in again for further treatments.

  47. Come in for fat freeze, can see visible results after 6 weeks, happy with the results. Recommend to all.

  48. Very affordable prices! Made me feel welcome and friendly staff.

  49. Welcoming staff, made me feel comfortable, would recommend to all!


    Went to Vivo Clinic today & i am really pleased with the friendly service i received will definitely be going back!

  51. SUPER!

    So happy with the treatments i received at Vivo clinic today! Cannot wait for the results!

  52. Friendly and welcoming staff, had a fat freeze done made me feel comfortable.

  53. Fat freezing

    Fat freezing was great as it wasn’t painful at all and the therapist was very warming and made me feel relaxed while having it done. I’m looking forward to my next treatment with them 🙂 🙂

  54. I purchased a wowcher for HIFU, however when i got there i only received the traditional lift. After treatment i was still unsure of how i felt with the treatment. but a month later I returned to purchase the full works and i have never looked and felt better. This was money well spent.

  55. HIFU

    This is my 3rd HIFU session and the results look great so I would recommend to anyone thinking of it. My skin is looking alot more healthy and I feel younger 😀

  56. Fat freezing

    Been about 7 weeks since I had the fat freezing treatment and I’m just starting to see results just as they said I would around this period of time. So far it looks really good and I’m thinking of going in for a top up treatment but at this rate it doesn’t look like i would need it – very happy 🙂

  57. the staff at this clinic are superb, well informative and they have helped me gain understanding of the treatments. I have had multiple treatments and never had any issues before or after treatments.

  58. Had a fat freeze treatment, it was absolutely brill saw the result and still continuing with treatment. Staff are Friendly and helpful. Thank you

  59. Amazing treatment

    Recently had the cryolipolysis and it was great, the staff was really polite and made me feel really comfortable during the whole treatment. Would definately reccomend!!

  60. I had the HIFU face lift treatment and the service was absolutely great, I would really recommend going to visit Vivo Clinic for a treatment as they vary in many!!!

  61. Relaxing and re-assuring!

    Vivo clinic have really helped my confidence. I had the femiwand procedure which can be embarrassing, however the therapist made me feel as comfortable as i could have done. She also done me a discounted package on some other treatments. Amazing service.

  62. Amazing service

    I had the fat freezing treatment at VIVO and i couldnt be happier with the service i received. The therapist was friendly and reassuring throughout the treatment. I have already booked in for my next treatment.

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