VIVO Clinic Leeds Reviews

VIVO Clinic Leeds

VIVO Clinic Leeds specialise in providing the gold standard in non-surgical cosmetic procedures for fat reduction, beauty and well-being.

Services Offered:

  • Anti-Cellulite
  • Ultrasound Cavitation
  • Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing
  • FemiWand Vaginal Tightening
  • Skin Tightening
  • HIFU Face Lift
  • See website for more

VIVO Clinic Leeds Reviews. Browse reviews from previous VIVO Clinic Leeds customers and submit your own rating and review.

VIVO Clinic Leeds Reviews

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112 reviews

  1. amazing

    This is my second treatment with Vivo clinic,both times for the femiwand.Results are amazing and the fact it’s done within a lunch hour,zero downtime means it’s ideal for a busy woman. Given the fact it’s so much more cost effective than surgery too. I have been to the Manchester clinic and the Leeds clinic,both meticulously clean and the ladies doing the treatment were lovely.Would fully recommend Vivo clinic and will be using them again in the near future. Thank you

  2. Great and friendly service provided by Julie!

    Great and friendly service provided by Julie. Put me at ease and was very knowledgeable as to the treatment provided. Looking forward to my next treatment.

  3. Will definitely be returning for further treatments 5 stars x

  4. I had a lovely visit to the clinic, the lady who did the treatment was very friendly helpful and make me feel at ease would definitely visit again

  5. Femi works wonders!

    I had the muscular femiwand tightening done at this clinic and I was very happy with the results after the treatment. Very impressed.

  6. Femi works wonders!

    I had the muscular femiwand tightening done at this clinic and I was very happy with the results after the treatment. Very impressed.

  7. I recently had lip fillers done at 1 ml. At first I was really nervous because of the swelling but once it went down, the results were amazing and exactly how I wanted them. Thank you Vivo Clinic!

  8. The HIFU treatment was really good and the clinic has not only exceeded my expectations but made the whole experience as relaxing as possible.

  9. It’s been about 7 weeks since my fat freezing and I’m starting to see some noticeable results. The therapist was also very warming and made me feel comfortable during the whole treatment.

  10. Very friendly and helpful

    Happy with my treatment and I have even booked in for another treatment. The staff were very well mannered and all were so friendly and helpful. my consultant listened to my concerns and was very understanding. I have already recommended this clinic to my friends and family.

  11. Hifu- none surgical face lift- Vivo Leeds

    The Hifu treatment is amazing, i had the full works as they have a really good price on for the full face, neck and decolletage. The improvement is far better than i thought, my skin had been lifted and looks overall tighter and replenished

  12. Femiwand, vaginal tightening

    Pleased with the results from the femiwand treatment. I can feel difference massively.

  13. very happy and would definitely return

    the only thing that lets this clinic down is the location:( they’re amazing people who are so happy to work with you on achieving your final result.. even down to the advice the call center staff give you. I was so conscious about showing someone new my flaws and if anything I’ve had a huge confident boost! thank you so much

  14. radio frequency

    iv’e now had 3 sessions of radio frequency on my stomach as iv’e had 3 children- I’ve never been so grateful as i thought id always be stuck with a sag in my stomach!

  15. cellulite treatment- amazing!

    non surgical clinics are just getting bigger and better! for all these celebs who under go surgery are crazy! you can achieve the same result for cheaper and less pain! obsessed with my end results and have posted a picture of my before and after pics online! thanks

  16. Natural lips

    Love my new lips, professional staff and lovely clinic

  17. hifu - full works CHEAP!

    so i purchased the eye lift hifu treatment, wen going into clinic i was shown and noticed myself the areas of concern was more to the lower of the face around the jaw, but i insisted i wanted the eyes doing too! i was then upgraded for just £399.00 for the full works which is the full face, neck and decolletage, over £1000 worth of treatment i was amazed! and i’m overwhelmed with the final result!

  18. anti cellulite treatment - works wonders!

    after 5 sessions of anti cellulite i am beginning to see such a noticeable change, I’ve never been so confident in my skin, just in time for my holiday too!! thank you guys

  19. lip fillers

    Love my lips filler from Vivo Leeds x

  20. Dermal Fillers

    I had fillers and I am really happy with how they’ve come out and I can not wait for the end result.

  21. my lips look great and the price I paid for them we’re even more great.

  22. Vivo Clinic Leeds- Lip filler

    Amazing lip fillers, great price and lovely staff.

  23. had the medium cup breast lift today, as i don’t appreciate surgery, they’ve lifted easily by x3 and iv’e only had 4 sessions, i’m so happy i really thought i had no way of improving that area of my body. thankyou!!!

  24. Fat freeze

    I had a treatment which was the fat freeze and I am at my 6th week from the treatment date,I am seeing good results but drinking the water can be draining but I would definitely recommend too everyone.

  25. botox

    had botox on my forehead love the results. the lady was very professional will be coming here again.

  26. had filler in the lines connecting the nose to the mouth i am very happy with the results as they have gone.

  27. i came through wowcher to get the Brazilian bum lift . it was only for 1 treatment and the results are brilliant. i have now booked in another 4 treatments as i loved the results

  28. Lip fillers

    Love my lip fillers, i would recommend Vivo Clinic x

  29. Lip fillers

    The best place I’ve been to get my lip fillers done, so professional and really plump but natural lips.

  30. double chin reduction

    brilliant treatment only needed 2. love the results will get more treatments in the future

  31. Lip fillers Vivo Leeds

    My lip fillers are amazing, so plump, but really natural looking i love them!

  32. Lip fillers

    Love my lips, I can’t stop smiling, i feel so confident . Thank you Vivo Clinic x

  33. Botox- Young and fresh

    The doctor at Vivo is really nice and very professional. I am over the moon with my Botox, i look young again 😀

  34. Lip fillers

    I would 100% recommend Vivo clinic for lip fillers, mine are so natural. The price is affordable and the doctor is very professional and knowledgeable.

  35. i had lip fillers 1.0ml and i am very happy with the results. i will be having a top up with RU again.

  36. cavitation

    Been having this treatment for 5 weeks now. AMAZING treatment BRILLIANT results. I would recommend this to everyone!

  37. cheeks

    i have always had problems with my cheeks as there are not defined at all, so i have had decided to have fillers in my cheeks. and i must say i love the results

  38. lip filler

    had a brilliant treatment. my lips are amazing!

  39. Anti Ageing Injections at Vivo

    I’ve been having Botox for many years, but the experience at Vivo was great. Firstly the prices are amazing, then the doctor really takes her time and explains the whole process and makes you feel so comfortable. I would definitely recommend Vivo Clinic.

  40. Unhappy customer , HIFU treatment not worked for me

    I had the HIFU full treatment face, neck and decliage on the 9th November 2017 at Vivo Leeds. The lady called Armani was lovely.
    I cannot see any difference what so ever and I am very disappointed. I know they say it can take up to 6 months to see the full benefit, I thought i would see some change but no. I used a wowcher coupon £79 and was upsold to the full package, so all together I paid £329. A lot of money to see no results.
    Very unhappy customer

  41. Fat freeze

    I’ve finally got rid of my stubborn fat with the fat freeze treatment, i no longer have that little pocket of fat and feel a lot more confident.

  42. I have regular sessions of cavitation here and decided i wanted to try the lip fillers. Got 0.5ml placed into my top lip and i, so happy i took the risk. Really pleased with how they look

  43. lip filler

    always wanted to get my lips done finally got the right clinic with the right price. results are great wish i could post some pictures oh here 🙂

  44. I love the HIFU treatment

    The results from my HIFU treatment are amazing, my whole face has literally been lifted and the best thing is that its non surgical! My face overall looks a lot fresher and tighter and firmer. I would recommend having this treatment

  45. Fat freeze

    Very happy after having my fat freezing treatment on my bingo wings, I’ve finally lost my fatty arms and could not be more happy.

  46. femiwand

    I’m super happy with the results of my femiwand treatment. I can feel the difference in tightness and feel much more confident within my self

  47. great service!

  48. Cavitation- Excellent

    I went for this treatment as it was recommended by one of the therapist after I attended a consultation with her. This was perfect for me and I am now seeing results, brilliant. Would recommend to anyone!

  49. The service is great at vivo and the lady who did my treatment was great.. very happy with the whole outcome.

  50. cavitation

    I had a course of cavitation on my stomach and have gone down a dress size. I’m over the moon with the results. I would definitely recommend Vivo clinic as the staff are really nice and the clinic is very professional .

  51. vagina tightening!

    Brilliant treatment!!!

  52. cavitation

    great treatment. made great difference to my arms.

  53. had the hifu eye lift as my eyes was a problematic area for me. it has help im seeing slight changes. will recommend.

  54. Great Results

    I had the teeth whitening treatment, i got the results i was after and the therapist was absolutely lovely.

  55. So far so good

    I had 30 mins of the ultrasound cavitation treatment, which went very well. I have also decided to have the anti cellulite treatment. The therapist was lovely and i can not wait for my upcoming treatments.

  56. Vivo transformation

    I had the Vivo transformation as i had multiple areas of stubborn fat. The results are beyond what i expected, the reduction in fat is amazing, i will definitely be returning to Vivo x

  57. had full works done for £429, results are amazing. It has given me a nice lift not too much. i will be coming back for a top up session.

  58. Caviation- 3rd Session

    Had my third session of caviation and would recommend! I would day to get the maximum of 6 sessions if you can if not 4/5 would be brill. I am already seeing insane results and it is only my third session.
    Comfortable, clean clinic also.

  59. hifu

    had the hifu on my neck a month ago so far so good. still abit soon tho

  60. cavitation!

    4th treatment of cavitation. will recommend.

  61. vagina tightening!

    lovely clinic and great therapist. she made me feel very happy wit the treatment. it was a painless treatment. and now im just waiting for the results.

  62. Regular client of hayleyann and i absolutely adore her. She always takes care of me.

  63. Bum Lift

    I was recommended the bum lift as I had concerns and a friend of mines told me that Vivo offer it and I went in for a consultation at first and then came in for my first treatment and I am happy to say i really enjoyed the session and have booked myself in for a course of treatments as I want more than a quick fix result.

  64. had a non-surgical facelift and i have seen amazing results. my face looks more lifted and glowing. very happy.

  65. The hifu treatment was a great experience, a little uncomfortable but it was bearable. The staff are lovely.

  66. HIFU

    I had the hifu and so many people asked if I had any surgery but I told them is was all non-surgical and they could not believe it, the results are amazing!

  67. had the vaginal tightening wasn’t painful for me at all. very nice and clean clinic everyone is very professional. fingers crossed for results!

  68. cavitation

    had a course of the cavtation. im so happy with the results

  69. Femiwand

    had femi wand treatment done in march. i decided to upgrade on the day to the full works for an additional £350. the results are amazing, i honestly thought at first the treatment will not work and was in two minds but went through with it. I am glad i went through with the treatment as it has also helped with my incontinence.

  70. hifu is brilliant. i get alot of compliment!!

  71. i had the fatfreeze about 3 weeks ago now im seeing great results.

  72. Just came out of a treatment with Hayleyanne. She was very lovely and I had the HIFU treatment with her. I will await results then post a further review.

  73. hifu fab

    I had the hifu treatment, and experienced slight pins and needles sensation. I am currently just waiting to see results but my experience with vivo was fab overall. I can’t complain.

  74. Had a vaginal tightening treatment done in Leeds. I had a voucher that i purchased on wowcher but i decided to upgrade on the day to the muscular for an additional £300 that i was told would last me up to 2 years. It has no been 10 weeks and the treatment has definately worked for me.

    My husband is 100% satisfied and i will be coming back in for a maintenance session as this treatment has done wonders for me.

  75. Cavitation.

    As I wanted a quick fix for an event I was attending, I wanted to lose some inches around the hip area and I had the Cavitation which led me to losing an inch within 8 days from my treatment, was really pleased with that and I will be coming back in for more sessions as I was really pleased with the quick result.

  76. hifu

    lovely experience first time having this treatment. the therapist made me feel welcome. waiting results as i only got it a few days ago. started using the c tox serum has defiantly stared brightening the skin. very happy!!

  77. had hifu done, made a big difference. made me feel a lot more confident than before. the price was definately worth it.

  78. good service

    my experience with vivo was lovely. Excellent service. Great atmosphere and clean.

  79. service was great and the clinic was very clean and tidy.

  80. overall exeperience with vivo has been good. happy with everything.

  81. service was great and staff were all professional.

  82. My sister and I both had HIFU treatments a few months ago. Ive seen little results but my sister’s face has literally transformed. Its so much tighter now and her wrinkles are slowly evening out. I’ve been booked in for a follow up so im feeling quite positive

  83. excellent service - cavitation

    my experience for cavitation was great, I purchased a voucher from groupon and the lovely staff redeemed it for the leeds clinic. I had a appointment with the therapist and she went through the consultation with me and then performed the treatment on me. I have lost 1 inch already on the waist and i must say a very good experience with such friendly staff members. Excellent

  84. i am a regular customer and the service has always been great. i have always had a warm welcome and my treatments i have are always at a discounted price i come in quite often for various treatments. very happy with everything.

  85. HIFU

    Had the hifu treatment as i purchased a voucher from wowcher,upgraded on the day too other areas of concerns and I am very happy with the results I am seeing, the results are coming along slowly but surely.

    great staff and service

  86. HIFU

    Had a fun session at the Leeds clinic a couple months ago and have seen great results

  87. Fantastic few sessions

    Fantastic few sessions with Hayleyanne! She’s amazing, can’t wait for my fourth session of ultrasound as I’m seeing really good results on my stomach now.

  88. had fat freezing treatment done on 8 areas. very happy with the results, was suprised with the results that i did see , i didnt expect the fat to be reduced this much. i would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to get rid of those stubborn fat areas.

  89. hifu

    I had the hifu done and i love the treatment and the results of it, will go back for more soon as i can.

  90. I had fat freezing treatment done in 8 areas and i am very happy with the results of my treatment. i feel i may need a secound session on my stomach as it is a stubborn area but it has gotten rid of the fat that i wanted to get rid of. i will be booking back in for other treatments as well as another session of cryo, it is definately worth the money. my husband has decided to have his areas done after noticing the results from my treatment. very happy

  91. Was recommended the fat freeze by my sister who lost so much weight because of it. I had it on my stomach as i couldnt shift the fat and two months later im really pleased with the rate at which im losing the fat on my stomach

  92. I had hifu done on my neck and i must say it has tightened the area a lot and my neck isnt sagging anymore. i will be booking myself in to have the upper face lift done as i love the results from my neck lift. i am actually very suprised what it has done for me, my friend has booked in for the same treatment as she seen the results of mine.

  93. had cryo done on 8 areas, very happy with the results. i feel bikini ready for the summer. my mum has booked herself in to have the same areas done. the prices are very good and totally worth it. staff are welcoming and friendly.

  94. I went in for a non-surgical face lift and purchased a voucher for £79. i had a consultation which answered all my queries and i decided to upgrade to the full works for an additional £350. i was greeted well when i went into the clinic and my therapist was very friendly. i had the treatment done which was uncomfortable in certain places, i also purchased an aftercare serum for the bruising and swelling.
    it has been two weeks and my skin feels a lot tighter but i was told i couldnt see a difference until 8 weeks after so i am excited to see what results i get.

  95. very good service. very happy.

  96. i had cryo done on my stomach and love handles i payd £398. i had swelling on my skin and some bruising but that went down after a few weeks. i am happy with the service i have received and can not wait to see the results of my treatment.
    i also purchased the cream hich helped me a lot. overall great experience.

  97. i had cryo done on my stomach and love handles i payd £398. i had swelling on my skin and some bruising but that went down after a few weeks. i am happy with the service i have received and can not wait to see the results of my treatment.
    i also purchased the cream hich helped me a lot. the only downfall is they should have some magazine or newspapers to keep you occupied while waiting for the treatment. overall great experience.

  98. My sister and I had the HIFU back in January. I had the mini face lift and she had upgraded to the entire face and neck and chest. I have definitely seen some improvement but no where near as good as hers so im disappointed i didnt upgrade and now i have to wait till next year which is a bummer. Other than that, I cant fault it

  99. great offers and services. the staff are very pleasant and know what they are doing.

  100. cavitation hAS GOT ME INTO MY SIZE 12 TROUSERS.

    I had undergone the treatment for cavitation 4 weeks ago, and i must say it actually worked. i have lost two inches already inside and fit into a size 12 jeans from being a size 14. Ned to undergo more treatments definitely but overall a happy client.

  101. HIFU

    HIFU had good results but not as effective as I had hoped.

  102. Disappointed

    Had HIFU in early January a little improvement but mostly negative very disappointed


    The treatment I had done was the cryolipolysis and I can say the results were and still are showing really well, very happy with the service and will be going back for more if needed in other areas I am not happy with. The service overall was rfeally good, the lady i spoke to on the phone was lovely and very professional and the therapist herself was also lovely and comforting.

  104. HIFU

    LOVED the hifu treatment done on myself, the results started showing slowly but i am now happy with the overall outcome.

  105. Had the full HIFU face lift a few months ago for just over £400 and im quite happy so far with the results. I am aware it takes 6 months to see full results but so far my sagging on my jaw has significantly improved so i cant complain there. Aware of serum. (brit)

  106. Very professional clinic was very clean and the staff were lovely. They made me feel comfortable when i had my fat freezing treatment done. I am now waiting to see results it has been two weeks since i had my treatment done and i am also using the aftercare cream daily that i purchased. I will be writing another review in a couple of weeks when i have seen some results.

  107. Disappointed

    I came to the Leeds clinic for Hifu. Had it done around my mouth and my husband had the mini facelift. Neither of us have seen any improvement after 10 weeks so really disappointed.

  108. Very welcoming staff, prices are reasonable and the results i have seen from hifu are amazing. very happy, recommend to anyone.

  109. I’ve been going the gym for months but couldn’t get rid of the stubborn fat around my waist, since i’ve had the fat freezing treatment done it has made a big difference. I have lost weight around the waist and i am feeling so much more confident now.
    i will be going back for a few more sessions and may have other areas done too.
    definately worth the price.

  110. came for the hifu treatment at the leeds clinic, the consultant was very friendly and welcoming. its been around 2 months now and people have been saying how well I look already, extremely happy thanks!

  111. I came to the Leeds branch of vivo for the HIFU non surgical facelift, its been a couple of months now and im really impressed with the results, it has definitely gave me a full rejuvenation, could not be happier, thanks!

  112. Amazing!!

    Came and had the fat freeze with two sessions of the ultrasound back in November and i am so so happy with my results. After having my third child in 2013 no matter what i did i could not shift the stubborn fat on my stomach but after having the treatments done, the fat has gradually started to go away. Really tempted to book in for a few more sessions of ultrasound but I have to give it time to see full results. I am honestly so happy, the compliments keep rolling in. Thank you VIVO x