VIVO Clinic London Reviews

VIVO Clinic in London

VIVO Clinic London specialises in HD Lipo Freeze (Cryo Lipo) treatments and high-intensity focussed ultrasound (HIFU Facelifts)

Services Offered:

  • Anti-Cellulite
  • Ultrasound Cavitation
  • Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing
  • FemiWand Vaginal Tightening
  • Skin Tightening
  • HIFU Face Lift
  • See website for more

VIVO Clinic London Reviews. Browse reviews from previous VIVO Clinic London customers and submit your own rating and review.

VIVO Clinic London Reviews

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125 reviews

  1. Amazing staff and treatment

    ive had the femiwand what amazing result. ive had 3 children and amazing results!

  2. loved it!

    amazing results loved my therapist val!

  3. Really relaxing treatment and friendly staff.

  4. Excellent service. Trustworthy and professional team. Every consultant makes me feel comfortable and I always go back as they are so welcoming. I am happy with all the treatments that I have done. I love their double chin treatment, it works straight away! Also recommended family members who are pleased.

  5. Very friendly therapist. Very efficient. Unhurried. Pleased with the service.

  6. HIFU Jaw treatment

    anyone considering the hifu treatment i really do advise them to go ahead as i’ve been with vivo for a few months now and the results are amazing

  7. Ultrasound Treatment

    Was really surprised by how fast I saw results from the ultrasound cavitation.

  8. I’ve had the BBL and I was recommended 4 sessions. So far I have had 2 and I am really pleased with the results that I have noticed.

  9. I’ve had a few sessions of chin reduction and I noticed a change do I decided to purchase 2/3 more and I’m really happy with the results I am currently noticing!

  10. Had my fat freeze treatment carried out. Will be in for further sessions of fat freeze again in the future. Thanks Vivo!

  11. Unhappy with Camera in London location

    The therapist was lovely and patient at the London Vivo clinic however I noticed a camera in the room and wasn’t comfortable with it. I feel my privacy is invaded and feel strange at the thought of someone looking at me at the other end.

  12. I had the femiwand muscular tightening and it was one of the best.

  13. Highly recommend!

    i went in there for a non surgical breast lift and i really enjoyed the experience. The staff were so nice and reassuring. they were understanding and offered me a good price on a package deal. would highly recommend.

  14. Amazing treatment

    went in for the Hifi treatment and I can already see results. I am very happy with the treatment and the staff were super sweet and very well mannered. I am coming back for the other treatments they offer!

  15. lip filer

    I got lip filer done here and I’m so happy with the results. the therapist was polite and very friendly. would highly recommend to my friends as well as go in for top ups.

  16. Amazing service from the team at vivo clinic.

  17. Can not fault the clinic at all, I loved the treatment I got and the lady who did my treatmeant was so lovely.

  18. Cheek filler

    I am very happy with the results of my cheek filler, and would recommend Vivo for anyone wanting filler.

  19. Zero results

    Would not recommed it! Zero result after Hifu

  20. lip fillers

    Love my lip filler, so natural looking but plump, over the moon.

  21. Waste of time and money!

    The HIFU treatment did absolutely Nothing! It sounded so good, that results would be seen for long time, person behind the desk convinced my partner to put mask on and buy bottle of whatever for extra discounted amount, and all of that was absolute waste of money and time!!

  22. Fat freeze

    Very happy with the results of the fat freeze treatment, all my fat pockets that were bringing down my confidence have disappeared. Really please

  23. Femiwand

    I am feeling great results from the femiwand treatment, i am a lot tighter which has brought my confidence back. This treatment is perfect for anyone wanting to feel replenished and tightened.

  24. HIFU & LED Mask - Would Recommend

    think this clinic is so friendly and so straight forward (apart from the location)- after having the full works hifu and the LED mask afterwords my skin feels so much more tighter and smooth, i would highly recommend this treatment for someone with as sag in the skin- surgery is not needed.

  25. skin tightening

    Really enjoyed my experience at Vivo London, my therapist was really nice and i enjoyed my first skin tightening treatment i can already see great results already, and i still have 2 more treatments left in my course.

  26. Serum

    I had the HIFU treatment a couple of months ago and was offered a serum to purchase and I did do so and I am really glad I did, It is so smoothing and re hydrating towards my skin

  27. Femiwand at Vivo Clinic London

    I absolutely love the results of the vaginal tightening treatment, i opted for the muscular tightening as it lasts up to 2 years and it was the best decision. four months on and i’m still feeling a lot tighter, i’m so happy.

  28. great clinic

    great clinic, really friendly people and the staff are really willing to help you with your journey.
    Not yet saw results but i am only on my 3rd day, so excited though! thankyou

  29. Cellulite treatment at Vivo London

    Great results from my course of cellulite treatments, i feel confident to wear skirts again as my skin on my legs is now completely smooth, thank you so much Vivo

  30. Vaginal tightening

    Lovely experience at Vivo Clinic, nice staff and very happy with the tightness from the femiwand treatment.

  31. Femiwand Vivo Clinic London

    Very please with the femiwand results.

  32. Loved the service and experience I received here.

  33. BBL

    I’ve had a session of 6 BBL treatments, my bum is so much more full and toned, the treatment is great!

  34. cryolipolysis- fat freezing

    after 5 applicators of fat freezing i am now working on my abs at the gym, stubborn fat can be removed!! thank you vivo clinic

  35. Femiwand Vivo Clinic London

    Over the moon with the results of the femiwand treatment. The overall tightness has improved massively. Thank you Vivo.

  36. I had the Ultrasound cavitation a few days ago and i can feel and see results already, I’m really glad I booked myself in for a course of 5 sessions and really looking forward to the next session. great clinic and great results!

  37. Dermal Fillers

    I loved the experience I received from the clinic, I had the dermal fillers done and I am really pleased with my results,once the swolleninf went down I could see the shape of my lips and I am very happy.

  38. Botox

    Botox treatment at Vivo clinic is carried out very professionally as it is administrated by a doctor and so I was very happy to get booked in. The doctor was great and most importantly my frown lines are less visible. Great clinic!

  39. cryolipolysis

    Great clinic because the prices are competitive and on top of that they make you feel very welcome. Treatments work a treat and that’s always a bonus.

  40. removal of skintag

    was so conscious about my face because of the skin tags i have, I’ve already had 3 removed by these guys and they’re great!! so understanding also. thank you.

  41. Fat freezing

    Really happy with my fat freezing treatment, my results are amazing no more fatty thighs.

  42. HIFU

    I would recommend the Hifu treatment, the results are amazing. My skin is so much tighter and firmer.

  43. botox

    had botox before so i decided to try this clinic. the treatment went perfectly fine would recommend this clinic ad the doctor was lovely.

  44. femiwand

    So much more confident after my femiwand procedure, the consultant made me feel very comfortable, so happy.

  45. The cheek bones i have been looking for

    I have always wanted cheek bones and cheek fillers have helped me achieve exactly that.

  46. Amazing Clinic

    I decided to get rid of my crows feet for good, i decided to go along to Vivo Clinic. The service was exceptional from start to finish. I was so scared but they made me feel like i was amongst friends although they kept it professional.

  47. femiwand

    Extremely happy after having the femiwand treatment, I would recommend it to any ladies considering the treatment.

  48. Lip filler and Botox

    Just got my lips and Botox done, the results are amazing, so natural but full, love the doctor and the clinic x

  49. Botox

    Love the results of my Botox, so natural looking and the doctor is amazing

  50. Cheek fillers

    I love the look of my cheek fillers, they are now full as i lost a lot of volume due to ageing, lovely doctor and clinic, i would definitely recommend Vivo Clinic.

  51. lip filler

    always wanted to get my lips done. now i finally have and i love the results. the lady was lovely and i felt really comfortable.

  52. botox

    had botox on my forehead. very happy with results!

  53. I came in to have a HIFU treatment. results were great, I seen a difference after 8 weeks. I have booked in for another session to increase the results. very happy with the service.

  54. Anti Ageing Injections

    I had stubborn forehead lines and having botox really made me look younger. The doctors was amazing, really professional and knowledgeable.

  55. filler

    treatment was good as i have had lipfiller before. i must say the doctor was lovely and i would recommend this treatment!

  56. Botox and vivo have helped

    I was a first timer for Botox, and firstly i must say the doctor made me feel very comfortable and reassured me as i was so nervous, but i was soon calmed by her. My forehead is now so smooth and i have gained my confident back. Thank you Vico.

  57. Teeth whitening

    Very happy with my teeth whitening treatment, i have a much whiter brighter smile.

  58. Teeth whitening

    My teeth have transformed after my teeth whitening treatment, they are so much whiter and brighter, I definitely recommend this treatment

  59. My appearance has changed

    Botox really helped to soften the deep crease between my eyebrows. I look so much better and softer. Thanks Vivo Cinic

  60. Fat freeze

    Extremely pleased with my fat freezing treatment. The reduction in my belly has been amazing, i couldn’t be happier.

  61. HIFU

    Really happy with the results of my Hifu treatment, my skin looks so refreshed and is a lot more smoother and tighter.

  62. went in for teeth whitening, teeth come out sparkling. purchased pento maintain my teeth.

  63. service overall was great, staff were very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable.

  64. Brazilian Bum Lift - Amazing

    Has 3 treatments of Brazilian bum lift. Very effective and have seen the changes! much perkier and tighter.

  65. cavitation treatment is great

    After having my course of cavitation i have lost 5 inches of my belly i am super happy. I have gone down a dress size due to the treatment. My therapist was great and very informative and the clinic is nice too.

  66. I had few treatments done,happy with them all and the therapist was very lovely and nice.

  67. 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Had my teeth whitened happy with the results staff are very friendly and helpful highly recommended great value for money

  68. I had the bum lift treatment and I went with a course of treatments which worked a lot better and I am happy with the results I am seeing.

  69. Fat freeze

    love the results of the fat freezing on my thighs, i’d never been able to shift that fat before but now i can say it’s finally gone. I’m now able to wear my shorts and skirts again! thanks Vivo

  70. BBL!

    Amazing results from the Brazilian Bum Lift. Had 3 treatments, which I would recommend rather than just getting the single treatment. Absolutely worth it!

  71. Brazilian Bum Lift

    I had the Brazilian Bum lift treatment and i am so much more toned and the overall shape of my bum is so much better. I had a really good experience at Vivo, the customer service was great. I was greeted warmly on arrival and offered a cold or hot drink. The therapist was lovely, as was the clinic.

  72. Skin tag removal cryo pen

    I had skin tag removal, i’m very pleased with the results, my skin tag fell off after 3 days. I now have my confidence back.

  73. cavitation

    great treatment. will recommend

  74. radio requency

    i had this skin tightening treatment on my stomach… well after having 3 kids my stomach had a lot of skin that would not tone due to the stretching . and after having this treatment i am seeing some improvements. i will be booking in more treatments.

  75. anit cellulite

    5th treatment now this has helped o much im seeing great improvements.

  76. BBL!

    This brazilian bum lift treatment has given me a great but natural lift to my butt i have only had 2 treatment and i have another 3 more. i have great hopes for this treatment ad i have seen great results at the moment

  77. radio requency

    i had this treatment on my legs and it has really helped with the loose skin as i have giggly legs and this treatment has really helped with it. very happy

  78. femiwand

    this treatment was uncomfortable for me. but i have really good results so it was worth it.

  79. Rubbish, waste of money

    Don’t work, rubbish. Paid for mole removal. Did not work. Called Vigo and told them the situation, I need to pay again for have it removed. The moles were not big in the first place. It is just the treatment doesn’t work.

  80. I had the fat freeze treatment done before going on holiday and I really pleased on how I looked on holiday as I seen amazing results.

  81. Cryo

    Cryo really works! Amazing, lost quite a bit of fat on my stomach area.

  82. Amazing results- Hifu treatment

    I had the HIFU facial treatment at the London clinic. The results are fantastic, my forehead has been totally lifted. The consultants are very knowledgeable and explained everything. Very pleased

  83. I purchased an aftercare serum after my hifu procedure. I must say it is a very good serum, it has helped the blemishes on my skin and has given me a lovely glow since ive been using it. I use it in the morning and evening before bed. I will definately be purchasing a few more bottles of this. it is 100% worth it for £30.

  84. hifu

    the hifu treatment is very good. im happy that i have found a treatment that can help reduce the skin on my neck with out surgery. the treatment was uncomfortable but i didn’t mind as i could bear the pain. just waiting on the results…

  85. vaginal tightening

    very good treatment. i am feeling slight changes. im impressed

  86. cryo pen!

    had mole removal. it was a quick treatment and looked like a simple procedure it was painless too. this was my second treatment as the mole didn’t want to go. but now im am happy with the results

  87. BBL!

    I had the Brazilian butt lift. Its a good treatment very relaxing. Only had the treatment yesterday so i cant yet see results but it seemed promising and the therapist lady was lovely.

  88. had skin tag removal done at this clinic. the first time round it did not work but i was told in my consultation for areas that are more severe i may need a secound treatment. i had a secound treatment and both skin tags fell off after 3 weeks.

    I have other areas that i wanted removed but wanted to try the 2 first. i will definately be going back for other skin tags and warts now that i know it works.

  89. Skin Tightening

    The skin tightening producers was done on myself about a month ago now and I am finally seeing some great results as my stomach area was what I had done and I am starting to see the results, I was a little worried about seeing results but I am starting to now so I have glad.


    4TH session of ultrasound. brilliant treatment can not fault it.

  91. vivo transformation FATFREEZE

    cant wait for results so i can be transformed.

  92. Cellulite

    I had the cellulite treatment due to having it really bad on the back of my thighs and I am very happy with the treatment I received and I will be going in for more sessions as it is required due to the depth of my cellulite. The woman are so lovely.

  93. i had a bum lift done at the fitzroy clinic. i have had 2 sessions and it has definitely made a difference to my bum. it looks more peachier and feels though it has increased the size. i was told it is just to lift and tighten but not specifically to increase the size but i am happy that it has increased the size of the area a little. i have booked myself in for 2 more sessions.

  94. The staff at Vivo London are very kind and professional as I came in for the vagina treatment and was a little nervous but the staff made me very comfortable, I am also loving the results of the treatment.

  95. Rip off company

    Do not use this company they are out to rip you off. I went for a consultation for tag removal and was told I would have to pay £150 on top of what I have already paid. I said I couldn’t and now they are saying they will not refund the £30 for the living social voucher. They also delete bad reviews. To many 5 stars for it to ever be genuine. There service is appalling. The company on company’s house wS struck off and was dissolved check company’s house uk . Gov and you will sed it for yourself. Absolute disgrace with what they are doing.

  96. I had vaginal tightening done 4 months ago. it has definately tightened the area and my husband is very pleased too. i have 3 kids and never thought id be able to feel tighter down there again but i was wrong.
    A big thank you to vivo clinic. was definately worth it.

  97. I had the fat freeze a couple of months ago on my stomach just below my abs which did work really well and now as the lady advised I have follow up ultrasound cavitation every fortnight in the same area just to keep track as I explained im constantly sitting in an office with barely any time to exercise. Things are going quite well at the moment

  98. vagina tightening

    fab treatment. so happy with the results 🙂

  99. inchloss

    4 session. AMAZING TREATMENT! :p

  100. hifu

    had the full works a few weeks ago. already seeing great change. getting many compliments. will recommend this treatment.

  101. fatfreeze

    great treatment!

  102. had femi wand treatment and bum lift done. i paid very reasonable prices for these treatments and the results are amazing. i had 3 sessions of the bum lift done. they have both done wonders for me, my bum looks more peachier and the femi wand has tightened the area. very happy with the service overall.

  103. femiwand

    I had the superficial tightening as i have a wedding approaching and needed a quick fix. Awaiting results.
    Overall the clinic was pleasant and Val was lovely and gentle.

  104. came in for a bum lift in March, i decided to purchase additional sessions as i did see a slight change after my first session. I have now had 3 sessions done and i must say it has worked for me. the area has been lifted and looked a lot more peachier. I am very happy with the results and will be going back in for maintenance sessions.

  105. I had hifu and LED mask when i went into the clinic. I was originally booked in for the HIFU but was told by a lovely lady called June about the follow up LED that i can have done for an additional £30, which will help with the collagen synthesis process. I decided to have this done as i was told it would also help with the dark areas on my skin too.

    I must say June was absolutely lovely and explained everything to me thoroughly. I also purchase an aftercare serum which is a very good serum. It has helped with the dehydration in my skin and my make up glides onto my skin after i apply the serum which is a bonus.

    Overall my experience was lovely, vivo have gained themselves a regular customer.

  106. Just had the superficial vaginal tightening and awaiting results, As i am going abroad and wanted something less permanent. I would recommend not to have hot showers and bathe in warm water as advised. I am happy with the service provided.

  107. had a few treatments at the London clinic, I travelled from far and i am very pleased with the service i received. the staff were so lovely and i am happy with the results i received from all the treatments i had. there wasnt one treatment that did not work.

    I must say the serum that i purchased is the best serum i have used, i usually purchase high end serums such as clarins, clinique but this has honestly done wonders for my skin. would recommend everyone to purchase the C-TOX.

  108. came in for a few treatments at the new clinic in london. the clinic itself was clean and tidy and the staff member who did my treatment was lovely. she was very professional and made me feel comfortable with the treatments i was having done. i will be going in for my 3rd session of cavitation next week.

  109. came in for brazillian bum lift and vaginal tightening, i had 3 sessions of bum lift. it has enhanced the area and lifted it, my bum has increased by one jeans size. i was a size 8 but i am now a size 10.
    the vaginal tightening has worked for me too it has tightened the area and my husband is very happy. overall my experience was great.

  110. vagina tightening

    had the vaginal tightening and upgraded to the muscular one. results are great and i would recommend to others. fantastic so far and happy.

  111. had a few treatments at london clinic, very happy with the results of all the treatments they have worked for me. i feel a lot more body confident and i am definately ready for the summer so thank you vivo.

  112. overall received great service from this clinic i am very happy.

  113. had the vaginal tightening and upgraded to the one that lasts up to 2 years. results are great and i would recommend to anyone who wants to be more tighter and firmer down there.

  114. i had vaginal tightening done as i feel i needed the area to be more tighter and firmer. i went for the muscular that lasts up to 2 years and i am very happy with the results. i received the results that i wanted.

  115. i bought a voucher for £49 for Brazilian bum lift, i just wanted a lift to the area. i spoke to the consultant over the phone and went through a phone consultation which explained everything to me. i decided to go for the 3 sessions for an additional £350, as i wanted the most effective results. i am excited to have my treatment done and can not wait to see the results.

  116. had my fat freezing treatment done on my thighs stomach love handles and arms, i paid £495 which is very reasonable compared to other clinics. the staff were very friendly and gave me a warm welcome, they made me feel comfortable and at ease when having the treatment done. it has been 2 weeks so i am now waiting to see my results, i was told it takes 6-8 weeks to start seeing results. i will write another review on my results in a few weeks.

  117. Anti-Cellulite

    I had my anti-cellulite done around my thigh and lower bottom area and the results are slowly sowing due to having to wait for least 6-8 weeks for results and it is approaching the 6 and a half week mark now I can see result and I am very pleased and will be going back for more.

  118. i had the fat freeze done on my stomach area towards my lower area. the fat freeze work really well on myself and i have been keeping to the post treatment guideline and the results are very visible.

  119. They are only concerned with making money, especially the director.

  120. Fat freeze is amazing

    I had the fat freeze treatment and I wasn’t expecting anything dramatic but the results of the fat freeze was amazing, the areas I had done I can tell a difference and I have gone down a size on clothing which is such a great benefit to myself.
    loved the service.

  121. To start with I had a phone consultation with a lovely lady after purchasing a HIFU voucher. I then went for a treatment in the London clinic with Valquiria and she was fabulous. Waiting to see the difference now!

  122. I had the HIFU non surgical facelift at Vivo Clinic London. The consultant was very friendly and professional, she explained everything to me very well. I opted to have my jaw line treated and it has really helped to combat the sagging jowls which were my main concern, very good prices and really good results, very pleased.

  123. Fat freeze

    The fat freeze treatment is superb and does the job it says it will do.
    after having the vivo transformation I’ve dropped 1/2 a dress size.



    Recently had the muscular vaginal tightening and the results are amazing and noticeable myself and my partner are extremely please.

    The staff are lovely and re assuring but most of all remains professional throughout.

    Would highly recommend Vivo Clinic London.


  125. Fat Freezing Review

    I wasnt expecting a magic wand but after a few weeks the results were very noticable.